Not sure if you're insured for glass damage?

Here are the answers to our most common questions regarding insurance.


I don't know if i'm insured for glass damage or not?

If you're insured with any of the brands listed below, great news! Call us on 1800 815 414 and we can automatically look up if you have glass cover, or whether there’s an excess to pay on your damage claim.  We’ve helped thousands of policy holders with the below insurers and can book you straight in, taking care of all the paperwork.

Insurer not listed?

Don’t worry, call us and we can still help you! We do thousands of insurance jobs for glass damage a year and can talk to you about how to approach your insurer.

Not covered?

Don’t stress, we can still help to get your glass damage fixed. We’ll give you a quote, let you know availability and explain what to do next. Simply call us on 1800 815 414.

More Questions

How does an excess work on a policy with glass cover?
  • Normally an excess is a contribution you make to the costs of an insurance claim. On some insurance policies, an excess may not apply to glass damage claims. 

  • Glass cover may be limited to a certain number of claims per policy year, which usually refreshes on your policy renewal date.

  • Call us now to find out if you're covered for a glass damage claim – we have arrangements with many insurance partners, such as the ones listed above, so we can check to see whether you're covered or if an excess applies.

  • If you're not covered by one of the above brands, we can still help you with what to ask of your insurer.
Can I claim more than once per year on glass damage?
  • Every policy is different and it varies for each insurance company. Some cover 1 glass claim per policy year and others give you the option of having multiple glass claims per policy year without any excess.

  • Call us now to find out if you can make a claim on your glass damage - if you’re insured with any of the brands listed above, we can lodge a claim for you. If you have a different insurer, we’re more than happy to book you in and help with what to ask your insurer.
Can I pay in cash and claim it back from my insurer later?
  • Of course, but remember that because of our agreements with many insurers we can usually help by lodging the claim for you. We then receive payment directly from the insurer.

  • Also be aware that sometimes the insurer will have a limit on what they will refund, so call us now if it’s one of our insurance partners listed above or contact your insurer to discuss.